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What you need to know to buy a Wine Cabinet

Buying the right wine cabinet for your needs requires a balance between the size of your cellar and the size of your budget. You need to calculate how long you would like to store your wine, and how many bottles of aged wine you would like to drink per year.

At Kitchener Wine Cabinets we have a wide range of wine cabinets for every wine collector. From 36 bottle wine cabinets for the beginner to 430 bottle wine cabinets for the serious collector we have the product to suit your needs.

Our company is a specialist manufacturer, importer and distributor of wine cabinets. No other company in Australia can provide the product options we can. You obtain the best deals by buying factory direct but you also buy the peace of mind in knowing that we will be around to service your needs in the years ahead.

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The science of good wine is a complicated business. But one thing is for certain: all that flowery talk of grapes, tannins and oak doesn't count for much if you don't store your bottles the right way. Sadly, the temperature and humidity inside the average Australian home will quickly cause a decent drop to go to ruin. And in our minds, it's a tragedy to let a good wine collection go to waste. Kitchener wine cabinets are designed so that every single bottle in your collection is at its full potential by the time it reaches your table. Since 1998, we've been helping Australian wine lovers enjoy tastier wine. Now we've patented the technology, because it's the best in the world. We can also proudly say we're the only Australian manufacturer building wine cabinets specifically for our conditions. And we plan to keep on doing it, so long as Australians want what's best for their wine.

Since 1946

The Kitchener family has manufactured quality products since 1946. And in that time, our business philosophy has stayed pretty simple. You make a good product, deliver on your promises, and treat customers with respect. Part of that commitment is making sure that every wine cabinet we sell is thoroughly tested in our factory before it goes to the customer. What's more they also come with a twelve-month warranty, which includes all parts and labor.

But if for whatever reason you feel like we've promised you one thing and delivered another, rest assured, we're only too happy to work through your problem. Please contact us on 1300 659 650. Nothing's more important to us than our good reputation. It's how we've stayed successful in business for 64 years and it's how we plan to stay successful for many years to come.


How can I contact Kitchener?

For sales and enquiries call 1300 659 650 or email info@kitchenerwinecabinets.com.au

Are discounts for multiple orders available?

Yes, we are happy to offer a discount if you order more than one unit at a time. Please email at info@kitchenerwinecabinets.com.au or phone 1300 659 650 to discuss.

What is the best temperature for storing and maturing wine?

It's generally accepted that a temperature between 13 -18 degrees at 70% humidity is ideal. What's even more important is keeping a constant temperature - too much variation up and down will quickly spoil a decent drop.
Kitchener Wine Cabinets ensure your wine stays in a cool, dark and steady temperature all of the time. After many long years of experience, we recommend that you set your thermostat to 15 degrees.

What is Peltier cooling and how does it work?

A Peltier cooler is a solid-state active heat pump, which transfers heat from one side of the device to the other side when current is passed through it. This design allows cooling without vibration because there are no moving parts.
Our design is inspired by the work of Jean Peltier, a French scientist who first observed this method of refrigeration in 1834.

What angle should I store my bottles?

Bottles should be stored flat so that the entire surface area of the cork remains in contact with the wine. Ideally, a bottle should be stood vertically for a day prior to opening, allowing any sediment to fall to the bottom of the bottle. If a bottle has already been opened and is being preserved with a wine stopper, then it should be angled to avoid coming in contact with the wine. Our Chatelet wine cabinets include an angled bottom shelf for precisely this reason.

What is the weight of a wine cabinet empty and full?

The larger wine cabinets weigh about 100kg each, while the smaller units weigh about 50 kg. Each bottle of wine weighs about 1kg.

How do I order a wine cabinet?

Simple. You can either order on-line now, or ring us on 1300 659 650. When you order, we'll send you a confirmation email.

When do I pay for my wine cabinet?

A $1000 deposit is required when you order your cabinet, or you can pay in full if you prefer. The balance of your payment is required within 7 days of delivery of your wine cabinet.

How do I pay?

Cheque, direct debit, Visa and Mastercard are all accepted. We do not accept Amex or Diners.

Who delivers the wine cabinets?

In Melbourne and Sydney we deliver them ourselves. Everywhere else, we usually use TNT.

Is there anywhere I can view the wine cabinets?

In Melbourne, you can come to our factory located at 19/2 Burleigh Street, Spotswood from 8 am to 3pm Monday to Friday.

What is the product guarantee?

We provide a 12-month guarantee on all parts and labour.

What happens if my wine cabinet needs to be fixed?

If you're in Melbourne and Sydney we have our own technicians to help you with repairs. Generally speaking, any standard electrician or fridge mechanic can repair our units under instruction.

What is the difference between your Peltier, Levanter and Chatelet ranges? Which one should I buy?

When we give a wine cabinet the Kitchener mark you can be sure it will provide ideal storage conditions for your wine collection. But different people have different needs. That's why we offer three ranges, each with slightly different characteristics. Our Levanter range includes a heater so it's ideal for the colder parts of Australia, including inland regions where temperatures tend to vary. Our Chatelet range gives you great flexibility if you have wines that need maturing and wines that are ready for the table. And our Peltier range comes with our patented Peltier cooling technology and offers plenty of space for maturing a large collection.

I only want to store white wines. Which is the best wine cabinet for me?

A stable temperature between 12 -16 degrees is ideal for storing white wine. All of our wine cabinets are ideal.

At what temperature should I be cellaring my wines?

The recommended cellaring temperature is between 12 and 16 degrees depending on your personal preference. We recommend you set your units to 15 degrees C.

What's the ideal humidity for my wine collection?

The humidity in a wine cabinet should be over 55%. All of our units will hold this humidity all-year round. If you have concerns about the humidity in your wine cabinet, contact our factory on 1300 659 650.

Does my wine cabinet require ventilation?

Yes. Please refer to the particular wine cabinet model specifications for minimum clearances. Contact our factory for details on 1300 659 650.

How many bottles do I need for a long-term cellar?

It goes without saying that the number of bottles you require depends on how much you drink. Nevertheless, it pays to think about your needs before you buy. For example, if you wish to drink one good bottle of wine that been aged for ten years once a week, then your cellar needs to house 520 bottles. Of course you can always buy another wine cabinet later on, but it is often better to start with the largest possible wine cabinet you can afford.

What kind of wine bottles do you use for measuring the capacity of your wine cabinets?

We use standard Bordeaux bottles for measuring capacity. It's important to note, however, that different bottles have different sizes. Depending on your shelf configuration and whether your collection includes many Burgundy and Riesling bottles you may find your bottle capacity reduced. If you have any questions about the capacity of any of our units, don't hesitate to call us on 1300 659 650.